20 Lingerie Items For Every Fangirl — From Marvel To 'Star Wars,' Get Your Geek On This Valentine's Day

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Beautiful lingerie is not so hard to come by these days — options abound at specialty stores and mass retailers alike, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. You want on trend silhouettes in black, pink or even pop color lace? Victoria is your girl. Have a penchant for sophisticated sets and high end fabrics? Your loyalty likely lies with La Perla. Find yourself to be a little racier, with a tendency to spice things up? Agent Provocateur and Frederick’s of Hollywood are your modus operandi. And if you are an of-the-moment, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of girl who needs a variety of options, you live for the intimates section at department stores like Nordstrom. But, what if your tastes are even more specific? What if you want your favorite fictional world and your IRL fantasy world to collide? Lingerie shopping can be tough if you are a total fangirl.

Maybe you fancy a comic book superhero like Captain America or Superman. And who could blame you? They are super sexy, noble and they all but save the world every time they head out for a cup of joe. Perhaps space-age science fiction is your scene. Darth Vader does sort of have that brooding, tall, dark and handsome thing going on.

Whatever fictional world lights your fangirl fire, there is lingerie for you — despite what you may think. While the intimates market may not be keeping up with the mainstream infiltration of the comic and sci-fi culture, there are creative minds helping to fill this not-so-niche market. Have no fear ladies, I have scoured the internet to find the best geeky goodies to make your Princess Leia dreams come true. From Marvel to Star Wars and even Harry Potter, here are 20 pieces of lingerie for getting your fangirl on this Valentine’s Day!

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