Kate McKinnon's Bieber 'SNL' Parody Is The Best

Do you ever see something and think "wow, I can't wait to see what Saturday Night Live does with that?" That's exactly how I felt watching Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein ad campaign. Boy, did Kate McKinnon deliver with her Bieber impression on SNL this week. In this Satuday's episode, hosted by Wedding Ringer's Kevin Hart, there were recurring ad parodies with Cecily Bryant as Lara Stone and Kate McKinnon reprising her role as The Bieb. It has actually been kind of amazing to watch McKinnon's impression grow with the pop star over the years.

The ads looked similar enough to the real thing at first. Justin Bieber starts at the drums like this is Whiplash or something. Try as he might, Justin Bieber will never be Mark Wahlberg. Then, instead of just saying "My Calvins" and smoldering like a tattooed puppy dog (the tattoos made him say "owie"), the parody got goofier and goofier. McKinnon's Bieber tried to play basketball with Cecily Strong's character and punched the air with boxing gloves for no reason. The ad "revealed" that Bieber had to stand on an apple box to caress model Lara Stone, does push-ups like a fourth grader, and wears a size XXS boxer briefs. The different catch phrases, capturing Bieber's somewhat ironic immaturity against the subject matter of the ads included "I'm a big boy now," "are my muscles cute" and, when stripped down to just the Calvins, "yo, my pee pee's in there." Too funny!

Here is the series of all three parody advertisements. The third (and deservedly wackiest) was not included in the broadcast. Watch the clip, in case you missed it!

It's such a smart parody, mocking how sexy and "adult" Justin Bieber tries to be when what he really needs to do is take a nap. Here's the original ad for comparison.

Image: nbcsnl/Twitter