Bravo Star Greg Plitt Dies At 37 After Being Hit By A Train — REPORT

Sad, scary news from the world of reality television: Greg Plitt, star of Bravo's Work Out , is dead at 37 after being hit by a train. According to TMZ, Plitt and some of his friends were at train tracks in Burbank, reportedly filming a fitness video that day, when Plitt was struck by a Metrolink train at 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Local news outlet KABC adds that law enforcement says that the incident was an accident, and some passengers on the train say they witnessed everything happen. The investigation into what went wrong is still ongoing, but one passenger said that Plitt was wearing all black and had a camcorder in his hands, although police do not believe that he and his friends were filming at the time of the accident.

Plitt was one of the stars of Bravo's reality show Work Out that followed the daily lives and drama of fitness models and instructors that ended in 2008. Over the course of Plitt's career, his body has been used as a model for movies, most recently as Dr. Manhattan's body in Watchmen. Plitt has also modeled for brands like Under Armour, appeared on shows like Days of Our Lives and Secret Millionaire, and trained clients of his own in LA.