Stock Photobomber Matt Vescovo Brilliantly Inserts Himself Into Stock Photos, Hilarity Ensues

Stock photos are like the Kim Kardashian of photography; they're everywhere on the Internet, but everyone is kind of embarrassed by their presence. One man, however, has found a way to make them amazing: Matt Vescovo, a.k.a. the Stock Photobomber, inserts himself into stock photos and the results are, frankly, incredible. The former art director, based in Los Angeles, felt that stock photos seemed a "little fake," and his ingenious solution was to Photoshop himself into the background doing various activities that completely change the pictures, BuzzFeed reports. One of those unnatural "woman relaxes in solitude but is still wearing pants and a bra for some reason" photos is improved by the presence of somebody sniffing her armpit. A young couple playing in the sea is happily oblivious to the man peeing in the ocean directly behind them. These are just a few of the alterations made by the Stock Photobomber (spoiler alert: some are a little less SFW), but I promise you, all of them are hilarious. According to BuzzFeed, Vescovo got his idea from the photos that come in picture frames.

I was in a gift shop and I happened to walk by the aisle where they sell picture frames. I remember looking at the stock photo of the smiley family in a loving embrace they had in the frame and thinking to myself: “They’re not a family, they’re actors who met 10 minutes before they took this.”

But enough talking about it. I'll let the Stock Photobomber's work speak for itself. Enjoy!

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Check out the rest of Vescovo's photos on the Stock Photobomber Tumblr and his Facebook page.

Images: Stock Photobomber Official Facebook Page