How To Throw A Singles-Only Valentine's Day Party

Come February 14, you can try your hardest to ignore the nausea-inducing acts of commercialized love happening all around you and pretend like Valentine's Day doesn't exist, or you could throw an unforgettable singles Valentine's Day party. You know, with red roses, rich milk chocolate, warm candle light... maybe even some Frank Sinatra thrown into the mix. It's the perfect way to celebrate friendship and appreciate those who love us even at our weirdest, craziest, and sometimes unlovable moments.

It might sound cliche, but that's kind of the whole point. I mean, this holiday is about being completely over the top, but who says V-Day was meant to be enjoyed only by people who enjoy the blissfully happy world of coupledom? Why is it that, if you’re single, the only guests you feel like inviting to your Valentine's Day party are none other than Ben and Jerry? I say we kick the stereotypes to the curb, and make February 14th a day filled with amour and gratitude for those that you hold dear.

And what better way to do that than by planning an elaborate dinner for your peeps? Who knows? Maybe some of your single friends will make eyes across the room, get shot by Cupid's bow while testing out the main course, and ultimately become sweethearts. You'll become everyone's favorite matchmaker! And just think — your name will be mentioned during the wedding toast 10 years from now! And even if you don't become a modern day Patti Stanger, your fabulous dinner party will leave everyone saying je t’aime beaucoup! Here's how to throw the ultimate Valentine's Day soiree.

1. Curate your list of invitees

You already know which friends are single. The real issue will be figuring out whether to invite those kind-of-sort-of coupled up friends of yours. You know, the ones whose relationship statuses are constantly in limbo — one week everything seems to be peaches and cream, the next week their beau is being vague and noncommittal over text. Will their prospective date ask them out for V-Day? Does their SO have someone else they’re going to ask out on V-Day? Will pigs ever learn to fly? The world may never know…

2. Set the menu

Whenever you’re planning a dinner party, you want to make something that looks difficult, is actually easy, and — most importantly — smells delicious. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered on this one. Test out some mouth-watering parmesan pesto chicken, or these dangerously good Asian ground-beef lettuce wraps. And if you’ve got vegetarians on your list of invitees, go crazy on great dishes like no noodle pad Thai. Dessert should obviously involve chocolate. If cooking isn't your thing, some Chinese food and Hershey’s kisses will do, too. It’s the thought that counts, right?

3. Pick up a couple bottles of vino

Ah, wine. No Valentine's Day is complete without it. Head to your neighborhood shop and pick out a few bottles of red for the big day. Or ask your friends to each bring over a bottle of their favorite. Hello tasting party!

4. Buy candles and long stemmed red roses

Yes, I’m talking about those tall, cream-colored waxed pillars that graced the dinner table during the iconic spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp. Bonus points if you have fancy candle holders to put them in. As for the roses, you can hand them out Bachelor-style as each guest comes into the room, or simply use them as a centerpiece on your table. Instant romance.

5. Assemble gift bags

You want to send your friends home on Valentine's Day with something to remember the night. Customize each bag for the person who will be receiving it, and don’t forget to include some chocolate. Make each person a cute DIY handmade card to add a personal touch.

6. Send the invites

Or, you know, fire off that mass text.

7. Pick your playlist

A good playlist will actually dictate the mood of the shindig. Want the evening to end with everyone in your living room discussing whether Adnan from Serial is guilty? Put on some Sam Smith and FKA Twigs and get ready for a night of conversation and debate. And if your dinner is the first stop on the list of bars and parties you and your friends will visit that night? Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce, with a dash of Meghan Trainor.

8. Dim the lights

Setting the mood on Valentine's Day is all about lighting. It makes the whole event that much more intimate and romantic.

9. Voila!

The guests are here, the drinks are flowing, and everyone is having a blast. Congratulations! Your first singles-only Valentine's Day dinner party = success!

Images: Happy Krissy/Flickr; Giphy (8); Gifsoup