'American Sniper' Crushes Weekend Box Office With 'The Wedding Ringer' Far Behind

I have a question for you all. Did you happen to go to the movies over the extended Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday weekend? Because if you did, I bet I can guess which movie you saw. So here goes it, be prepared for magic... you saw American Sniper, didn't you? How do I know that? Because I'm a psychic of course, and also because the The New York Times asserts that the movie is projected to make $105.2 million in North America in just its opening weekend. That's a whole lot of exposure for Bradley Cooper, that's for sure. And having seen the movie, I think it's well deserved.

But, aside from American Sniper sorta, kinda, totally stealing the show, let's not forget to mention the movies that also managed to make a respectable amount of dough in light of a Clint Eastwood eclipse. All of the hilarious, shameless self-promotion Kevin Hart did at the Golden Globes, was worth it because his movie, The Wedding Ringer, is presumed to rake in $25 million. Though, in comparison to the war movie giant, that projection seems measly. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Paddington, because it was right behind The Wedding Ringer, and it is expected to make $20 million. A fairly good amount of money for a talking bear in a raincoat and galoshes surrounded by Oscar nominees, no? On a more somber, disappointing note, Selma is only expected to make $10.3 million, and The New York Times relays that The Imitation Game will garner similar money.