13 Super Bowl Social Media Posts To Expect

Everyone on social media is buzzing about the Super Bowl, but it was already one of the biggest days of the year long before the digital age. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and even Pinterest were practically made for large-scale events like the Super Bowl. Last year, the Super Bowl was the most-mentioned sports event on Twitter, and there's no reason why it won't take that title again. This year's game has all the makings of a sports and entertainment event for the ages — the defending Super Bowl champs looking for a repeat win, Gisele Bundchen's hot husband and his team playing for ring number 4, the Deflategate scandal, Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz on stage at halftime, and of course, football and a slate of never-before-aired commercials. Even if you're not into pigskin, you won't be able to avoid the photos, GIFs, commentaries, and play-by-plays that are bound to clog up your social media feeds. These days, who even needs a TV when your Twitter feed will document the entire telecast for you in real-time?

When you log into the battleground that is your social media feed on Super Bowl Sunday, expect to see these types of posts and topics being discussed ad nauseam. Not that you'll care — there's a 99 percent chance you'll be making at least one of these posts yourself.

1. Seahawks and Patriots gear galore

There are real fans like Chris Pratt and Anna Faris who know how to rock their team's gear accordingly, and aren't afraid to show it. There are also phonies who don't know a lick about football but wear gear and take selfies anyway because it looks hot and gives them validation in the form of likes and comments. You'll see both kinds of folks on game day.

2. A photo, pin, or recipe of whatever thing someone cooked or is eating during the game

If you follow any foodies who can cook, you'll definitely see some major eye candy and maybe even a few how-tos on their culinary creations for the big game. If you follow foodies who prefer to order out and snack, expect photos of pizza, chicken wings, nachos, and beers with some sexy-looking filters.

3. All the details about every damn play

There are people who follow the game very closely and will speak only in football jargon. Sometimes their timelines will move so fast that you'll check your keyboard to see if a button is screwed up. First down? Pick six? Punt? These people know their stuff.

4. A complaint about a bad call

"HE LITERALLY RIPPED HIS JERSEY TO DAMN SHREDS, HOW WAS THAT NOT HOLDING??!" NFL refs are known for not getting it right, so expect that kind of moral outrage within your networks.

5. Haterade at the other team

While both the Seahawks and the Patriots have loyal fanbases, they are also two polarizing teams with their fair shares of haters. The trash talk will be strong in this matchup.

6. References to Tom Brady talking about balls

Tom Brady's Deflategate comments basically turned everyone into 12-year-old boys. It's certain that your friends and the people you follow will wonder out loud how Brady wants his balls for the big game. I vote "large and heavy."

7. The one person who just comments on how hot someone is

They're not here for sports — just on the lookout for their next imaginary boyfriend or girlfriend that appears on the TV.

8. Posts that scream, "Yay, we won!"...

Jubilant fans of the victorious team will make their excitement known with POSTS IN ALL CAPS and lots of exclamation points!!!!!! And maybe a little bit of jibberish.

9. ...Or "Boo, this sucks! EXPLETIVES"

On the other hand, you'll be able to feel the tears of disappointment and maybe even a little bit of rage from fans of the losing team.

10. Commercial commentary

If people don't watch the Super Bowl for the game, they'll almost certainly watch it for the commercials. It's almost exciting to guess whether an ad that opens with a tiger running through a jungle is a commercial for cars, computers, auto insurance, or boner pills. Some of the commercials are so impressive that they even move us to the point of tears — the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials come to mind. Isn't it strange that the Super Bowl is pretty much the only telecast where we actually don't want to fast-forward commercials?

11. Halftime show criticism or love

Just like the commercials, the halftime show has a universal appeal every year because even those people who aren't into football can get into whoever's performing. But that doesn't mean there won't be any criticism about what goes down on stage, especially when people start comparing performances to previous halftime shows. You don't even have to watch Katy Perry and her special guest Lenny Kravitz to see if they live up to the challenge — you'll be able to gauge from your social networks to see how they fared, because almost everyone is bound to have an opinion on their set.

12. Someone saying they're drunk

Even non-football fans will use the Super Bowl as an excuse to get a good buzz going. The football fans will be drunk out of joy, sorrow, playing drinking games, or just plain ole Sunday Funday.

13. The "I don't care about the Super Bowl" post

Yet they cared enough to comment, because the Super Bowl is crazy like that.

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