Kid Play With Teddy Ruxpin For The First Time

Follow me way, way back into yesteryear, to the glory days when it was socially acceptable to shove crayons up your nose; back when Netflix was merely a tickle in someone's head. If you really stretch your brain-muscles you might remember Teddy Ruxpin, the notorious talking teddy bear who narrated his own book (because why learn to read when a stuffed animal can do it for you and terrify you to the very core of your soul at the same time?), but somehow I doubt he seemed quite as weird to you then as the kids of today found him.

Now that we're talking about it (and God help us, we are), Teddy is not only a little bit creepy—he is one demanding dude. "Can I be your friend?" he asks right off the bat (needy much?) before launching into a three minute diva song about—you guessed it—being your friend. And when he wants you to turn the page (to a book that's all about him) he doesn't even bother to ask nicely. Also, he's just terrifying. I'm not here for any of this. NOT TODAY, SATAN.

For some reason, though, these modern day young'uns found him especially unsettling, which boggles me because I'm pretty sure their generation was also exposed to all of the Toy Story incarnations. What's so weird about a talking toy? Aside from the fact that it now costs a whopping 75 dollars on the interwebz, that is.

Important note: The crowning moment of this video is when one of the girls says Teddy Ruxpin reminds her of when she was 5 years old, remarking, "Wow, I feel so old."

So do we, girl. So do we. But hey, at least they're not freaking out over the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles anymore, because that video genuinely made me concerned that I should start picking out my crypt. Here's the latest kids react video from the always endearing Fine Bros:

Image: YouTube