6 Celebrity Babies Blue Ivy Should Be Friends With, Because Penelope Disick Is A Clear Choice

Last Thursday, while most of us were looking forward to the weekend and wishing new episodes of Scandal were on, something wonderful happened: Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland staged a Destiny's Child reunion of their own, complete with their Destiny's Children. According to Us Weekly, the former bandmates met up at West Hollywood's Soho House to catch up and it turned into a pretty legendary playdate. Not only did Beyoncé and Rowland get to spend time together, but Blue Ivy and Rowland's baby, Titan Jewel, hung out too. Eventually, Jay Z and Rowland's husband, Tim Witherspoon, joined the group, and when they set up camp on the restaurant's outdoor patio for lunch, 3-year-old Blue played with Titan — as much as a two month old can play, anyway.

This got me thinking. As much as I love the idea of Rowland and Beyoncé's children growing up together, it'll probably be a couple more years before Titan and Blue start to have anything in common. In the meantime, Blue needs to find some pals her own speed. Fortunately, there are tons of tots in Hollywood, and I am obsessed with all of them. Surely Blue Ivy can find a suitable playmate among Queen Beyoncé's subjects, right?

Prince George


The royal baby is the only child on Blue Ivy's level, considering that her mother is the queen and his mother is a duchess. Being that they're only a little over a year apart, they would make excellent playmates — and I'm willing to bet that George has the best toys.

Penelope Disick

Now that it seems Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé do get along after all, it's the perfect time for Bey to call up Kim's sister Kourtney and set up a playdate between Blue Ivy and Penelope. Mason can join in too, although at five he is probably way too mature for those babies.

Luca Comrie

I am in love with Hilary Duff's little boy, and if you've ever seen him, you'd be too — he is seriously cute. And since he and Blue Ivy are the same age, they'd probably be into a lot of the same things. Any child of Beyoncé would obviously love going to the gym.

Olive Barrymore Kopelman

This photo alone proves that Drew Barrymore's daughter, Olive, and Blue Ivy would be best friends. Olive's clearly interested in learning the ways of the world from our future president, Tina Fey, and Blue is destined for a life of greatness, based on her parents' achievements. Together, they would be unstoppable.

Maxwell Johnson

Blue Ivy is beautiful, Jessica Simpson's baby Maxwell is beautiful — I don't see how they wouldn't get along.

Everly Tatum

Everly's a teeny bit younger than Blue Ivy, but as the daughter of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, she's every bit as adorable, and I wouldn't be surprised if she grew up to be really good looking with sweet dance skills. If you've seen Blue Ivy's mom, you would know she's probably going to inherit a penchant for dance as well, and I think they'd make a really cute baby Step Up together.

Image: Getty Images