Beyonce & Kim Kardashian Are Friends After All, As Evidenced By Their Recent Double Date

If you thought you had a fun weekend, prepare to feel some serious FOMO. On Friday night, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West double-dated with Beyoncé and Jay Z. Talk about power couples! The friendship makes sense, since Jay and 'Ye go way back. Plus, more importantly, this also puts to rest rumors that Kim K. and Bey don't get along. Or maybe they just pretend to put up with each other for their husbands' sake? Either way, I'm glad they buried the hatchet enough to spend a date night together.

The foursome went to dinner in West Hollywood, according to E! News. An eye witness shared these details:

Oh, and they made sure to comment that there was no baby bump in sight. Because whether or not Beyoncé is pregnant is the most important thing in the world, of course! (Sarcasm. The constant baby rumors are ridiculous and we shouldn't always be inspecting her stomach shape.)

Since I'm a big fan of these couples double-dating and hope the trend continues, I've rounded up a few options of where they can go next time.

Valentine's Day Dinner

The same restaurant that created a Bey-Z themed V-Day dinner last year is back with more meals inspired by celebrity couples. This year, Brucie in Brooklyn has a Kimye menu, which includes a "yeezcake" dessert called "Imma Let You Finish." It'd be pretty meta if these guys ate a meal named after themselves, right?

Coney Island

Sure, it's a little cold for amusement parks, but it's also the setting of Beyonce's "XO" video and it'd be pretty awesome if Kim, Kanye, Bey, and Jay all rode the Cyclone together. Then they could polish off some Nathan's hot dogs. Yum!

Family Trip to Disneyland

This option includes a playdate for arguably the most important family members: Blue Ivy and North West. Do Blue and Nori actually have playdates? This is something I need to know.


I feel like karaoke is fun for anyone. So imagine how much more fun it'd be when you're actually a group of talented singers? (Minus Kim, but I'm sure she could fill in vocals on some Destiny's Child songs!)

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