Brooklyn Beckham Dyes His Hair Blonde, Now Looks Even More Like Dear Old Dad

Can you imagine what it's like to be Brooklyn Beckham? Your first thought might be that it's all glamour and jetsetting (which it probably is), but have you ever considered how flat-out terrifying it could be too? Your father is David Beckham, so you can pretty much wave goodbye to being as talented and/or attractive as him (I'm willing to bet that that sort of genetic lottery jackpot probably skips a generation or two). And your mother? Victoria Beckham: Spice Girl, fashion superstar and all-around intimidating human being. OK, so if you're Brooklyn Beckham, your life probably isn't as hard as I'm making it out to be. I mean, being a celebrity child certainly has it's upsides. For example, the ability to dye your hair whenever you want and have it be a news story — yes, Brooklyn Beckham is now a blonde.

Like father, like son, eh? Well, almost. Beckham (the younger) is well on his way to being a legitimate fixture in the modeling world, and is a talented soccer player as well. And now, he's a blonde, so the possibilities are really endless, guys. After all, as Beckham himself says, blondes do have more fun. And that's really what's most important here, isn't it?

It suits him, no?

As celebrity kids go, it really seems like Brooklyn Beckham has his now-blonde head on his shoulders. I mean, does he have any sense of the real world? Probably not, but setting that aside, he's is doing pretty well for himself. He has a budding career, a talented girlfriend, fabulous parents, and a hot new 'do. A Beckam can't complain.