Who Is Violetta Komyshan? Ansel Elgort's High School Sweetheart Shares His Passion For Performing

Well, this is exciting news for all that believe in the kind of TRU LUV that only high school sweethearts can really have. Fault in Our Stars cutie Ansel Elgort had called it quits with his long-time love Violetta Komyshan in August of last year, citing busy work schedules as the main reason for their spilt. Apparently, all things were amicable, and now it looks as though the holds of young love could not be broken. As Us Weekly reports, Ansel Elgort is back together with Violetta Komyshan.

The couple were spotted together at Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C., looking cozy as they stepped off of a flight together this past weekend. Sources told Us Weekly that the couple "just missed each other... He thought his schedule was too much to have a girlfriend during, he's been touring nonstop for movies and working on music, but they talked throughout. He didn't really see anyone else seriously while they were split." Awww, you see y'all, true love prevails.

So who is Komyshan exactly? Now that she and Elgort are reportedly back on, let's get to know her a bit better. The couple met while they both attended LaGuardia High School (otherwise known as the Fame school) which specializes in art, drama, dance, and theater. So, you kind of have to be very talented to get in.

As far as I can tell from her social media accounts, Komyshan graduated from LaGuardia in 2014, because she tweeted about her upcoming prom and graduation in June of last year:

It's also apparent from her social media accounts that she is pretty focused on dance and it looks like that is her main career path, but I couldn't really find any indication that she is currently enrolled in a dance school or university. She mentioned on Twitter that she was auditioning for Marymount Manhattan College in NYC back in March, but it seems like she's been jet setting and partying more than hanging out in college classrooms.

Elgort himself has shared his dance background with Jimmy Fallon, saying, "I started in like ballet, a little bit. I wasn’t very good, to be honest. But then I got more into tap dance." Both he and Komyshan collaborated in a video for designer Amanda Uprichard, and they looked adorable as they giggled and showed off their moves together.

the superb kid on YouTube

As far as I can tell, Elgort and his lady have been together since at least 2012, and it's pretty obvious that this young couple has a bond that will not be easily broken by the obstacles of rising fame. Last year Elgort opened up to the NY Post about his relationship with Komyshan and shared, "It’s important for me to be with someone who I really trust, and if it’s someone I knew before all of this, that’s nice."

Good luck to this lovely young couple! I have no doubt that we will be seeing more of them in the future.

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