Think The ‘American Sniper’ Baby Is Bad? It’s Nothing Compared To These Creepy Fake Movie Babies — PHOTOS

We all know sometimes real babies aren't used in television or movies. However, when a project clearly uses a fake baby and the audience can tell, well, it causes quite a stir. For example, take American Sniper 's fake baby that's making headlines. I've yet to see the film from Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, but after seeing the photo below of Cooper's character holding what is obviously a baby doll, well, yeah, it's kind of awkward.

According to film columnist Anne Thompson,

Basically, film professionals know that Eastwood likes to move fast on movie sets and recognize that he took the easy and less expensive route of using a fake baby — not even animatronic — that Cooper had to move himself to make it look lifelike!

Viewers and critics can't help but discuss what has been described as a "stilted and awkward" scene with Cooper and that baby. However, some are saying "that's the point." His character is a military man who struggles with adjusting to home life, so when it comes to holding an infant, he's probably extremely uncomfortable. With that said, it's hard to argue with the fact that the baby he is holding isn't fake. Right?

Rather than pick the film apart and get all serious about this one scene, let's have some fun by taking a look at other super weird and creepy babies — that are obviously fake — used throughout film. Seriously, if you think this fake baby in American Sniper is bad, check out these infants. Good luck not having nightmares!

Twilight: Breaking Dawn — Part 2

OK. So this baby wasn't actually used in the movie, but it almost was, which totally counts. Plus, it's super creepy, so I just had to include it. Anyone else happy that Bella and Edward's baby Renesmee wasn't this Chucky look-alike doll? Talk about giving people nightmares.

Toy Story

And here we have Babyface. No, not the singer. Remember this poor toy Sid dismembered and turned into a frightening toy? Well, I guess we shouldn't blame Babyface, but he still gives me the creeps.

Toy Story 3

At first, Big Baby is all like "I'm going to attack you, and, yes, I know I look scary," but in the end he changed for the better, so, I guess he isn't nightmarish. What's with Disney and Pixar coming up with scary babies? Just stop it.

All of the Chucky & Child's Play Movies

I think this one is pretty much a given. Chucky will always be super creepy, scary, and responsible for making little kids never wanting to own a fake baby doll. Thanks, Chucky. Thanks a lot.

The Passion of the Christ

Um, no words. Thank you, Mel Gibson, for giving us this demon-like baby to stare at. I'm just going to hide under my covers now. Bye.


Thanks to this baby, I will never see this movie with Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Kevin McKidd, and Robert Carlyle.

There are so many more frightening fake babies used in movies, so I suggest Googling "creepy babies used in movies" and you'll never sleep again. You're welcome.