Please Don't Use Oreos To Make Mascara

There's nothing more tantilizating than the promise of a "beauty hack." You save time, energy, (hopefully) money, and you also have a really cool thing to talk about with all your friends. "Oh, you haven't tried the spoon-cat-eyeliner trick? But it's just SO EASY!" You know how it goes. Most recently, however, BuzzFeed brought this Oreo Mascara tutorial that doesn't exactly seem like something anyone should be trying at home to my attention.

Even if you don't count that disaster waiting to happen, there are a handful of beauty hacks out there that we really should think twice about before we ditch our typical makeup routine. For one thing, the beauty hack may not make that much sense. And here's another thing to consider: You might actually be putting yourself at danger. Is making your mascara from Oreos really worth the possibility of blinding yourself? Probably not, especially when you can get a decent drugstore brand for like, five bucks. There are probably plenty many more iffy beauty tricks that you should avoid, but here are five of the strangest and most dangerous I've ever seen on YouTube.

1. Sharpie Eyeliner

You may have heard about this one before because Taylor Swift has admitted to trying it out a time or two. But here's the thing: IT'S A SHARPIE. IT'S YOUR EYEBALL. SIGHT IS IMPORTANT. Just say no.

2. Oreo Mascara

As BuzzFeed pointed out, even if it isn't dangerous, it doesn't make much sense to make your own mascara out of Oreos. First of all, cheap mascara isn't really that difficult to find. Second of all, and more importantly, WHY WASTE PERFECTLY GOOD OREOS?

3. Aspirin Face Mask

Again, there are dozens of perfectly acceptable and affordable face masks for curing acne, but crushing up pills and rubbing them on your face? Let's think about this for a second. A lot of people say this method is OK, but some experts disagree.

4. Using A Lighter To Change An Eyeliner Pencil to Gel

Things not to bring into a bathroom full of makeup supplies: Fire. End of list.

5. Magic Eraser for Self-Tanning Errors

Again, would anyone think it's a great idea to rub their body with a household cleaning supply?! I don't doubt that this would work: As someone who has used a Magic Eraser many times for its intended purpose, I can indeed say that magically gets out the toughest of stains. It's strong. And exactly why I won't be using it on my skin. Ever.