Is Kate Trying To Tell Us Something With Her Coat?

The Duchess of Cambridge might as well be called the Duchess of Coat Dress with how frequently she rocks that particular style, and for good reason — it really, really works on her. Kate Middleton's latest coat dress happened to be light blue so, naturally, we're all convinced this was her subtle way of announcing the sex of her baby.

Middleton hit the opening of the Kensington Aldridge Academy wearing a lovely blue coat adorned with pockets and big round buttons by the label Seraphine, similar to this Matthew Williamson she rocked in November, according to The Gloss. The expectant Duchess accessorized with navy suede pumps, a long black clutch, and her signature center-parted chestnut waves, creating an overall ~flawless~ ensemble. This is Middleton at her best in a prim and proper silhouette with cheeky details and a bold color palette.

Naturally, a coat can't be just a coat, at least as far as the Internet's gossip websites are concerned. I'm not sure if Middleton is trying to tell us something with her newfound love of pastel blue, but other writers have implied she just might be. "Kate Middleton is having a baby boy based upon inferences drawn from photos showing her wearing a blue coat and dress to two charity events on January 19," writes Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

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It seems like a stretch to assume that just because a woman wears blue or pink during her pregnancy it means she's trying to reveal something about the sex of the baby. This idea is problematic for a few reasons. Firstly, everything a woman (even a pregnant woman) does should not automatically be traced back to her past, present, or future children. Moms have plenty of non-kid related stuff going on in their lives, people.

Secondly, speculating that a color can somehow hint at a babys gender perpetuates the troubling practice of determining that some colors are for "boys" and some colors for "girls." Boys can like pink and girls can like blue and I can't believe that's a sentence I just typed in the year 2015. Maybe you still believe all infants should be clearly decked out in one of the two "appropriate" shades so they can be easily identified as male or female. If that's the case, I don't feel like arguing with you — all I'll say is this: Kate Middleton's choice of coat doesn't necessarily say a damn thing about the sex of her baby.

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But it is pretty freakin' cute, no?

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