These Are The Headbands You've Been Looking For

Have you heard of LeVero Tokyo? It's a Japanese accessories brand, founded by American designer, Kandice LeVero and Japanese designer, Takuma Kakehi. Acording to their Etsy bio, the pair met at the Pratt Institute, and started their brand when the eponymous LeVero moved to Japan back in 2010. The brand has mainly been available in Japan (via their website and various pop-up shops in trendy areas like Harajuku) until last year: Back in November of 2013, the pair opened up a LeVero Etsy shop, to better share their products with American fans.

LeVero's accessories range from pop art-y oversized felt cuff bracelets, to luxuriously fluffy earmuffs, to golden farfalle (AKA bow tie-shaped) pasta-inspired necklaces, to whimsical, glittery clutches — but my favorite has got to be the headbands. They sell the most adorably covet-worthy hairbands I've ever seen. That might sound overenthusiastic, but what can I say? I love the things that I love. They are perhaps most famous for their clever-quirky aviator goggle-shaped bands, though I'm a particular fan of the cheeky "#follow" band.

Bottom line? Their pieces are reasonably priced, and off the charts adorable: It's going to be tough for even the strongest budgeters to resist their charms. So, with that in mind, let's take a quick look at some of their cutest pieces!

Adorable, right?

Images: LeVero; leverotokyo/Instagram