Jimmy Kimmel Got Real About the Fantasy Suite

This week was exactly what The Bachelor needed because there's finally some real talk up in here. Jimmy Kimmel crashed Kaitlyn's date to talk sex in the fantasy suite, and he asked some pretty important questions. In general, Kimmel seemed pretty interested in keeping the show down to earth on Monday. Instead of a typical date to a remote island or a trip to the top of a mountain, Kimmel sent Bachelor Chris Soules and Kaitlyn to Costco to pick up stuff for a barbecue. Then he stopped by the cookout to ask the kind of questions that honestly need to be addressed.

First he established what The Bachelor has been coy about for years: people have sex in the fantasy suite. They just do. But then Kimmel asked Kaitlyn to assess how she felt about that particular stage in the show. "Once the show ends and you're watching it back, if you find out Chris has gone into the fantasy suite with all three women and made love to all three will you be angry?"

It's something the show hasn't really addressed before. I mean there was that time that Nick Viall spilled the beans during the live finale when he berated Andi Dorfman for sleeping with him one night and choosing Josh Murray the next, but besides that contestants have stayed pretty mum on what happens behind that closed door — and how they feel about the Bachelor/Bachelorette doing it with everyone else too.

But that idea didn't bother Kaitlyn too much. "You've got to test drive the car," she said, shrugging. Let's keep in mind, it is only week three, but Kaitlyn seems pretty chill and I'm glad she and Chris had a chance to talk about the serious topic ahead of time.

Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel for keeping it real!

Image: rebloggy