Fashion + Celebrities: Your Monday Morning Roundup

No, you don't have to start working just yet. There are collaborations to speculate on and Kardashian hair colors to analyze, for goodness' sake! Now get clicking:

  • The ballsiest dame in show biz, M.I.A., has a collaboration coming out with Donatella Versace's line Versus in two weeks. We're stoked to see how M.I.A.'s impassioned rave-girl style interprets Versace's infamously glitzy look. Also, it's great to see that breaking news can still be spread the old-fashioned way — not on Twitter, not through press releases, but whispered sketchily from beneath a shiny black hoodie. (via WWD)
  • Speaking of the Kardashians, their collection for Sears isn't selling, or so the Daily Mail reports. Apparently their racks of clothing in Sears appear "deathly quiet." The horror! If the Daily Mail's hypothesis is true — that Lamar Odom's drug problems are affecting the sales of the collection — it's kind of creepy that people take the behavior of a designer's husband into consideration when they shop. (via Daily Mail)
  • Makeup brand NARS is releasing a collection inspired by French fashion photographer Guy Bourdin, who's known for his daring, surrealist-inspired, voyeuristic photos. The 16 products will be highly-pigmented and inspired by Bourdin's "decadence," according to Refinery29, and will launch October 15 in NARS boutiques and on Come November 1, you can find them at Sephora. Saturated colors and haunted models forever! (via Refinery29)
  • Aaaand a Kate Moss-themed auction just took place at Christies in London; the photographs, paintings, and more, all inspired by the waifish muse, racked in a jaw-dropping $2.7 million. The most expensive item was also the creepiest, but ain't that just how life works? Some superfan purchased a life-sized sculpture of Moss for $214,066. Here's to hoping it's headed for a museum, and not some dark basement full of candles. (via WWD)