On 'The Originals' Hayley & Jackson Aren't Getting Married — So Make Room For Haylijah

Not that I doubted it for even a second, of course. Monday night's Originals Season 2 midseason premiere, "Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire," was huge — Hope is home, Esther is a vampire, Rebekah's missing, and Finn's gone totally nuts. Basically, everything's gone to hell since the series left off in December — except for one important thing, Haylijah. The midseason premiere had Hayley address that Haylijah sex scene with Klaus, who proved totally cool with it, and Jackson, who responded by calling off their proposed marriage arrangement. Because you can't force love, people — LONG LIVE HAYLIJAH.

I was worried that those two had said their super-sexy goodbye during The Originals midseason finale, I'll admit it. I was worried up until the moment Jackson told Hayley that he wouldn't force her to love him. Mostly because Klaus spoke to Hayley's "werewolf queen"-side when he told her that the strongest relationships aren't forged with love. Well, that's obviously wrong — OK, maybe he's right in the case of The Originals, but Hayley and Elijah have come so far that I'm not worried about the strength of their relationship.

So what does all of this mean? Well, for one, Klaus is cool with his baby momma and his brother getting it on on the regular, which is a huge emotional step for Klaus. It also means that HAYLIJAH IS FINALLY HAPPENING, PEOPLE. After a very long and very painful wait — akin to our wait for Delena's first moments on The Vampire Diaries — these two are finally in the clear to get romantic. Sure, Davina and Kol were kind of adorable and they were slowly winning me over, but now that The Originals first pairing broke the ice and have been given the go-ahead by Klaus, things are going to get interesting. And, hopefully, a lot steamier.

Sigh, romance.

Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW, daniels-gillies/Tumblr