Chris & Jade Took Things to a New Level

If the women were jealous of Chris Soules' regular kissing, they're going to be furious now that he's upped the intimacy level. On Monday's Bachelor , Chris invited Jade Roper into his bed and things elevated pretty quickly. Rather than the sweet (and upright) smooches he's shared with the other ladies thus far, this horizontal kissing was pretty steamy for a daytime pool party (and week three of the show).

The fun started when Jade suggested she and Chris explore his sprawling mansion in the middle of the group date pool party. They walked around the property a little bit and then magically found themselves in the bedroom.

Chris suggested the two of them check out the bed and leapt onto the mattress. He patted the blankets and invited Jade to join him. It was a sweet moment between the two of them, for sure. I don't blame Jade for wanting his time and attention, and if he wanted it in his bed, who was she to disagree? They seemed to have a nice time in there.

But it does seem that Chris has no qualms with being intimate on various levels. It may only be week three and there may be 18 women left in the game, but he's ready for some make out sessions in bed, and nothing is going to dissuade him from that. Not even the insecurity and frustrations of the women he's not making out with.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC