'Empire' & 'American Idol' Crossover Is Potentially In Our Future, Which Is Amazing For So Many Reasons

Drop what you're doing, Empire fans, because this is the most exciting news we've gotten since the announcement that Empire has been renewed for Season 2. Okay, so there's very little that could be anywhere near as exciting as Empire getting a Season 2 after only two episodes aired, but this comes in a pretty close second. It turns out that there's a potential Empire and American Idol crossover on the discussion board, according to showrunner Ilene Chaiken. "We would contemplate it only because it makes sense and they really would in real life, so why not?" she said, making the hopes of millions rise in the process.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but am I the only person who thinks this would be a great idea? If they can get Barack Obama on the phone over Hakeem's drunken viral video, then I don't think it's a stretch to think that Cookie Lyon might call in some favors to get Jamal on American Idol. If Lucious refuses to give Jamal the opportunities, press, and celebrity backing to be a star, then letting America get the chance to fall in love with him on Idol seems like exactly the kind of big move that Cookie would make.

"It’s a great idea and I’m not going to tell you that we haven’t talked about Idol in the writers’ room," Chaiken continued. "[We’ve] talked about a cameo from Idol on Empire or possibly one of our artists going on Idol." Simon Cowell might have long since finished his stint as a judge on the beloved Fox program, but am I the only person who would absolutely love to see him brought in to workshop one of Empire Entertainment's artists? He'd be worse than Lucious in his tyrannical mentorship style. And despite Nicki Minaj leaving the judge's seat in 2014, this just seems like a great reason to have her cameo on the show along with, well, every other celebrity ever.

Meanwhile, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. would all be great for Empire cameos as well, despite the fact that Lopez admitted she hasn't seen the show yet. (She is, however, dying to watch it, so I guess we can forgive her for this insane crime.) I just need this crossover in my life, like, yesterday, but it will probably be better if they save it for Season 2. In the first place, they probably have Season 1 all planned out and there are a lot of things going on already. In the second place, it might take some time for Fox to work out all the kinks of the crossover and find the best way to promote the hell out of it. I'm willing to wait for this much awesomeness.

Image: Chuck Hodes/FOX; dailyempiregifs/Tumblr