Jessie J Sings With Her Mouth Closed & There's More Where That Came From — VIDEOS

Just when you thought you'd heard "Bang Bang" every which way, Jessie J sang it with her mouth closed on The Graham Norton Show. Yes, you read that correctly — with her mouth shut, the pop singer managed to belt out the beginning of the "hardest song ever" perfectly, and it was just a little muffled. It turns out that as a kid, Jessie auditioned a lot and was always asked to show what she could do. "I discovered when I was little that could pretend I was in a box," she explained. "I was a lonely child," she added with a laugh. This first was limited to just talking with her mouth closed, but as she got older, she tried singing too. Although her tune-in-a-box would be missing both Nicki Minaj's rap and Ariana Grande's soaring notes, she could probably get away with it and blow people away with a closed-mouth Grammys performance.

Jessie isn't the only person in the world who can sing with her mouth shut. There are a lot of videos out there of people doing the same thing, and you may never stop laughing once you watch these insane performances. Check out Jessie J's new rendition of "Bang Bang" below (skip to the 1:54 mark for just the singing) and then four other ridiculous tight-lipped renditions of classic songs.

"Bang Bang"

BBC on YouTube

I still want to hear the rap part with a closed mouth.

"I Will Survive"

jrdarth2 on YouTube

Unfortunately, this contestant did not survive America's Got Talent. Hey, hey?

"You Are My Sunshine"

Tracey Williams on YouTube

This actually may scar you for life and make you terrified when skies are grey.

"Blurred Lines"

Tiny Little Rascal on YouTube

Not the best work, but the parody of the video is spot-on.

"You and I"

Chatter Chin on YouTube

This Ingrid Michaelson song is soft and sweet... until you close your mouth and it's all screaming.