Dad Is Awesomely Honest On Daycare Questionnaire

Have you ever gone so long without sleeping that your brain-to-mouth filter shuts down and everything that comes out of your mouth is far too honest, whether you meant for it to be or not? I imagine that most parents experience this on a regular basis, particularly parents of infants, who generally like to celebrate their first year of life by REMINDING US VERY LOUDLY THAT THEY'RE HERE at all hours of the night. But no parent has experienced quite the filter breakdown as much as this dad who was hilariously honest on his 11-month-old daughter's daycare questionnaire.

As someone who worked in daycare for several years, I can tell you for a fact that these questionnaires are all kinds of pointless in the first place, because at that age, it is impossible to get to know a new human by reading mostly made-up stuff about them. You pretty much just have to learn about tiny kids by being around them on a daily basis. But alas, it has not stopped us from distributing these nonsense forms, which is why I am reserving my most heartfelt and meaningful slow clap for this dad. He refuses to bend to the will of these time-wasting childcare providers by making up fake interests and goals for his kid to impress people. He tells it like it is: the sleepless, disgusting, and adorable truth.

This right here is a baby I want to be friends with (and not just because we share an exceptional first name; welcome to the club, tiny madam). She is almost two years old today, which means she is probably double the awesome now as she was when this gem was written:

Image: Leigh_35/Twitter