The Kate Spade Saturday Collaborations We Need

Have you ever loved a brand so much that you wanted to not only wear it, but eat, sleep, dream, and live it? I'm sure you have — and that's why so many brands are now bona fide lifestyle brands. You know, because they consume our lives. Well, that's how I feel about Kate Spade's "little sister" brand, Saturday. I've always loved Kate Spade's cheeky playfulness and bright, fun femininity; but then they launched Saturday in 2013 and it was perfect: All the bright colors, bold prints, and impeccable cuts of Kate Spade, but with more of a street-wear aesthetic. It was love at first sight and I've been obsessed ever since.

The brand is also killing it when it comes to collaborating on the perfect collections: Take the brand's recent sneaker collaboration with New Balance, for example. Uh, get those trainers on my feet immediately, please.

Feeding my need for all things Saturday, Kate Spade has collaborated with West Elm, otherwise known as the hip home goods retailer that has my heart. The entire collection is the embodiment of how I feel Mindy Lahiri would decorate her future California apartment — and that is truly high praise. The line is a mix of bright abstract designs, playful art, perfect muted neutrals, printed wingback chairs, and the coziest-looking sheets. It's hard to find bedding that lives somewhere in that middle ground between "college freshman dorm room" and "old grandma dusty rose," trust me. Just watch the video below for a peek at all the ways you can deck your place out (with a cameo by those dreamy sneakers). It has pillow covers starting at $29, so you can add a little KS flair to your home no matter what your budget is.

So: When I'm obsessed, I go all out. Sure I can wear the clothes, work out (or walk to the bakery) in the sneakers, and sleep between those sheets. But I just think there's no such thing as too many modern geometric prints, or enough bold colors. Thus, here are the Kate Spade Saturday collabs I need in my life:


Brooklyn-based brand Meow Meow Tweet already uses bright colors and patterns in their packaging and embraces whimsy and good design in equal measure. Seems like a perfect match to create a luxurious line of bath and body products in scents as bright at the packaging.


I know that I'm not the only dog owner out there whose dog is like family, which means that their stuff starts to take over your place. A cute line of dog toys would help them compliment your already rad Saturday decor. Plus, who doesn't want to match their dog to their outfit? Leashes and collars in that signature zig zag print, please!


I was going to say that KS Saturday should design the packaging for a line of fresh-pressed juice, but ice cream seems way more on-brand. Plus, who doesn't love ice cream? I'd love to scoop an eccentrically-flavored treat from a gorgeously designed carton. Remember last year when Magnum bars were cool amongst bloggers? Ice cream can totally be an accessory.


Beyoncé has her own nail wraps, so why couldn't Saturday? Be it a bright manicure in their signature yellow with white and black stripes or an abstract print in bold blues and purples, I'm pretty sure a Saturday manicure would look super cute.


Definitely fitting with the urban, slightly whimsical aesthetic that Saturday has created, bike accessories seem like a natural fit. Colorful bike bells, printed seats, and bright baskets would all help you commute or run errands in style. Heck, if they designed a bike helmet, I could probably even be persuaded to wear one!

Images: Kate Spade Saturday x West Elm; Giphy