How Did Benedict Celebrate His Cumberbaby News?

We all know the Sherlock actor is going to be a dad, but how did Benedict Cumberbatch celebrate the exciting news? According to his Imitation Game co-star Allen Leech, who spoke with E! News, Cumberbatch drank margaritas! Leech and Cumberbatch put lots of salt on the rim of their glasses and threw back the tequila-filled beverages. I'd say that's a fantastic way to celebrate fatherhood. Soon after the news broke that Cumberbatch and his fiancée Sophie Hunter were going to be first-time parents, the actor celebrated with the Downton Abbey star. Leech said,

I saw him and we had a little celebration. I think we celebrated with a margarita... I don't know why we had margaritas. I suppose we sampled everything else on the menu.

So, does Leech think Cumberbatch will be a good father? He has no doubt about it. He told E! News,

If he puts the same amount of dedication and love into raising his child as he does into his work, he is going to be the greatest dad of all time.

Leech, I have to agree with you. All of this celebratory news just has me in the spirit of rejoicing in Cumberbatch's impending fatherhood, and, of course, wanting to talk even more about the amazing man he is. Seriously, I can't get enough of him. So, with that said, what else do you think Cumberbatch did after learning he was going to be a dad? Let's have some fun by guessing! Here are seven ways he might have celebrated the news of his son or daughter.

He Spent Time By Himself

Cumberbatch was so overwhelmed with excitement, he had to be alone and celebrate with his own thoughts.

He Immediately Embraced His Fatherly Side

In typical Cumberbatch fashion, he celebrated by promising to do his child no wrong.

He Felt The Urge To Photobomb

He just couldn't contain his happiness, and this is the way Cumberbatch expresses joy.

He Watched Himself On Sesame Street

Nothing says a celebration like Sesame Street and realizing you might be watching it one day with your own child, right?

He Cut A Rug

Dancing is the best way to celebrate baby news.

He Cried... A Lot

Don't worry, they were tears of joy.

He Literally Jumped for Joy

Can you tell he's excited?

Now, he might not have celebrated all of these ways, but you know Cumberbatch was super thrilled to find out he was going to be a dad.

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