11 Reasons You Still Need 'Spice World'

by Rachel Semigran

Hold onto your platform sneakers babes, Spice World just turned 17. That's right, the girl-powered ultra-'90s, so-bad-its-good mockumentary about the pop stars who once ruled the charts is now old enough to go to the Junior Prom. Now, I have a hard time believing any woman who came of age in the 1990s who claims they didn't love the Spice Girls. Oh... you were into your dad's Van Morrison vinyls? Yeah, yeah, sure. You must have just HATED all of that "Wannabe" nonsense. UGH. LIES. ALL LIES! The Spice Girls were pure pop in the best way. I, the once emo-ed out sad, sad teenager can even admit that I danced around my bedroom figuring out all the ways I could, in fact, spice up my life.

I always fancied myself a Ginger Spice fan. It may have had something to do with the fact I also watched Absolutely Fabulous reruns growing up. Something about all of the red lipstick and "oh piss off" attitude really stuck with me. But more importantly, what I loved about the Spice Girls, and what certainly attributed to my loud and proud feminist identity was the ever important element that was, and shall always remain, Girl Power. In the era before boy bands and Britney took over, here we had five fierce as hell females preaching the importance of sisterhood and female empowerment. Can I get an amen?

As insane as Spice World is as a film, it's a reminder of how big and culturally significant the Spice Girls were. Not only could they get away with making a totally cheesy film about going on tour and alien invasions... they made it look fun and fearless. Seventeen years later, here's why Spice World is still an important piece of your movie collection.

Girl Power... Duh


You never stop needing that.

It Has Groundbreaking Special Effects

Oooooh. Aaaaahhhh.

It Prepares You For Alien Invasions

A Canadian Tuxedo, A Male Stripper, And A Denim Mini Skirt

What's not to love?

The Spice Girls Celebrated Everyone


In a recent interview, Mel B commented, "We were never relying on our sex appeal... We kind of relied on how different we were, how outrageous we were. We were the girls doing it for the girls."

It Speaks to Society's Big Problems

Preach, Emma.

It Reminds You How To Take On Each Day

With discipline, focus, and STYLE.

It Gives You A Glimpse Into Your Near Future

This is me yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

It Makes All Of Your Wildest Dreams Come True


Endless Fashion Tips

The little Gucci dress forever.

And Silly Photoshoot Montages Never Stop Being Fun


Images: Columbia Pictures; Getty Images; samljackson; pizzasplash; dieyounginparadise; cooperjayne; spacecadet; animalize/Tumblr