White House Pokes Fun At Obama's Tan Suit

Never say the Obama administration doesn't have a sense of humor. An hour before Obama's State Of The Union speech was set to begin, the White House teased that Obama's tan suit might make another appearance. The Tan Suit, best known for completely overshadowing a press conference about Russia last August, spawned memes, GIFs, and its own hashtag after the President made the ill-informed fashion choice after returning from vacation. It hasn't been back since.

Unfortunately, the only thing more perplexing than Obama wearing a tan suit in August is Obama wearing a tan suit in January — which is why, sad to say, the White House is probably joking with its Tweet. Captioned "President Obama's suiting up for the tan speech," I'm sure that part's entirely accurate — but the tan suit itself, pictured hanging sadly from a closet beside a couple of pairs of trainers, is almost certainly not involved in the getting-ready process. That is, until the last quarter of Obama's presidency begins next month, when we can expect things to start getting crazy. Executive orders! Vetoing Republican bills! Tan freaking suits! The President does what he wants.

Or maybe we'll get lucky and the President will don Tan Suit to give the State Of The Union speech. That is, if he wants absolutely zero viewers to concentrate on what he's saying — those Tan Suit Memes won't make themselves, amiright?