Did Rob Lowe Make a Surprise Cameo on 'Parks?'

Alert the masses, Parks & Recreation fans, there might be an imposter among us. On Tuesday's first — of two — Parks & Rec episodes, Leslie Knope fought to prove the up-for-auction land as a historical landmark with the help of an extremely creepy historian named Mr. Haggerty. Now, Mr. Haggerty was creepy in general, but there was something about the hair and the voice that made Mr. Haggerty's creepiness all too familiar. Was this creepy Rob Lowe making a disguise appearance on Parks & Recreation ? UPDATE: According to IMDB, we were all fooled by Hamilton Mitchell, who just sounds a lot like Rob Lowe playing a creepy historian.

If you thought that something seemed familiar about the man, but couldn't put your finger on it, this might be why. This wasn't some ordinary Parks & Rec supporting character, this was Chris Traeger! Well, I think it was Chris Traeger.

Mr. Haggerty, a historian who is obsessed with President William Henry Harrison, showed up just in time to help Leslie prove that there was some historical landmark within the large piece of land she and Ron are going head-to-head over. Turns out, it wasn't as historical as it could have been — just some old rocks — but that doesn't mean Leslie couldn't make it seem to be something more with the help of Mr. Haggerty.

Now, Mr. Haggerty doesn't look anything like Rob Lowe, but with the amount of commercials we've all (unfortunately) seen of Lowe in different costumes and makeup, nothing seems impossible here. Some people on Twitter also picked up on the resemblance:

But the real proof was the enthusiasm Mr. Haggerty had for Harrison bucks. We'll let the voice quite literally speak for itself.

Rob Lowe, is that you under all that bad hair and pale makeup? Are you trying to hide in plain sight? Or are we imagining you as every character because we want you (and Ann) to come back into our lives?