Did 'PLL' Reveal Where Mona's Body Is?

by Christine DiStasio

No, we still haven't found Mona's body on Pretty Little Liars — but there's hope. Well, sort of. On Tuesday night's episode of PLL , "Over A Barrel," Caleb and Spencer found Mona's body — possibly. Like all reveals on this series, there was a huge question mark attached to the barrel that might contain Mona's body. But that wasn't the craziest thing about the storage unit Caleb and Spencer (who are clearly PLL's new partners in crime) broke into on Tuesday night. Last week I guessed that Detective Holbrook might've killed Mona for Alison and seems like he and Alison are trying to frame Hanna for Mona's death on PLL .

Here's the deal — Mona's computer texted the liars from beyond the grave and revealed the location of a storage container that housed Mona's old computer. Important evidence? Sure. So Caleb and Spencer (who's still just lying to Toby left and right because he's a cop) went to check it out where OBVIOUSLY they found Mona's bloody clothes and possibly Mona's "pickled or dissolved" body (eloquently put by the only and only Caleb Rivers). Like my theory from last week, this new power friendship came to the conclusion that Holbrook must be holding onto this evidence of Mona's death until it's time to plant it — like the bloody knife — to frame someone.

In the final moments of Tuesday's episode, Caleb revealed that the storage unit is rented in Hanna's name and PLL revealed that Holbrook or someone who knows Holbrook's passwords is alive and tampering with police files. But, the biggest issue in this isn't how much trouble Hanna will get in (though I'm actually pretty upset about that), it's whether or not Jason DiLaurentis is more involved with "A" than he's making it out to be. It can't be a coincidence that he slept with Ashley Marin last Tuesday and this Tuesday Hanna's name is on a storage unit with all of the evidence of Mona's death.

Something's not right here — but it's been awhile since the Marin's were accused of killing someone, so I guess it's Hanna's turn to face the slammer.

Image: Pretty Little Liars/Facebook