These Tweets During the SOTU Are Rich

Twitter was on point for the State of the Union, and it was not just pundits and reporters following along with President Obama. Sadly, the President did not wear the tan suit, instead opting for a dark blue suit and light-blue tie. But even before the speech started, the Twittersphere was off and running, everything from hashtags to music choices to photos of Joe Biden's facial expressions. After all, what's more important than the sartorial selections of the Vice President and Speaker of the House John Boehner? Forget ISIS, forget climate change, forget women's reproductive rights, equal pay, sexual assault on campus and please, don't worry about where Ben is, Twitter is here to bring you the funnies, both political, poignant, and totally apropos to nothing.

Everyone from pundits to media analysts to famous comedians to the everyday Joe Shmoe had something to say during the State of the Union, and hey, why wouldn't they? Free speech is thankfully alive and well in the United States, and far be it from anyone to try and stop the public from expressing their opinions. Starting, of course, with the White House itself.

Pennsylvania Avenue kicked it off with the most epic of epic trolls, referencing the president's most-critiqued fashion choice, and the night went on from there.

First Lady Michelle Obama got a Good Wife shoutout:

And there was some confusion about whether there would be (additional) entertainment:

And that's a wrap.