Here's Your New Favorite Valentine's Day Drink

While the battle has raged long and hard today about whether coffee is actually good for you or bad for you, we have discovered one thing for certain: Coffee is definitely dessert now, and Dunkin' Donuts' new White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Latte is proof. How fickle and fleeting our wintertime Peppermint Mocha obsession, no?

Although this fruity-sounding coffee drink is a little difficult to find right now — it hasn't even officially been announced yet — that doesn't mean that it's not actually a real thing; according to, it has, in fact, been confirmed. Said Michelle King, Dunkin's senior director of global public relations, "This new flavor is currently available in limited markets.... We are planning to launch this flavor nationwide beginning in February, just in time for Valentine's Day." Valentine's Day may mostly be a product of the greeting card companies these days, but hey, at least all the thematically appropriate foodstuffs come in all the best flavors. Just sayin'.

As is often the case, reactions from those who have managed to get their java-loving little hands on the White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Latte are...mixed. I might even call the drink "polarizing," insofar as it is possible for a coffee drink — which, let's face it, is pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things — to be polarizing. In any event, the Twittersphere is definitely making its feelings known. Some people seem to love it:

Some are using it to play a spirited game of "Who would win in a fight?":

And some even feel a deep and abiding kinship with it:

(P.S. No, that's not actually Ashton Kutcher, although I'll admit that I'm a little curious what he might think about the drink if he tried it.)

Plenty of others, however, are...shall we say, slightly less enthralled by it:

Ah well; to each his or her own. If they're not available in your market yet and you really can't wait 10 days to try one, you can mix up your own White Chocolate Raspberry coffee concoction with the help of a few flavored syrups and this recipe. Knock yourselves out (although not literally, of course). Bottoms up!