Advice Stacy London Must Give On Her New Show

Stacy London, that beautiful fashion sorceress with her signature streak of grey hair, is best known for TLC's What Not to Wear and will now return to the network to continue her efforts to help people's fashion. Rather than a makeover show, Stacy London's new show Love, Lust or Run is a "makeunder" show — and based on London's best makeover moments, I know it will be fabulous. Stacy could be a tough sell on What Not to Wear and though I love her, she was extreme in her opinions on trying to assist people in creating a new wardrobe. But, damn — she always looked good, and more importantly, she always made the people who came on the show feel good about their appearance.

Something exciting about Love, Lust or Run is that she's not out to make people too conventional. She told the Huffington Post that, "... you will see in my new show, Love, Lust or Run, I'm much more on the side of the collaborator, in that I don't want her to lose her edge, in that I don't want to dress her in a way that feels middle of the road." As much as her advice usually always improved someone's look on What Not to Wear, I appreciate that she's letting people express themselves more — especially since I am a lady who occasionally likes bolder fashion choices.

One thing that won't change is that fact that Stacy is still focusing on people having a better understanding of how their fashion choices affect how they are perceived. She also told Huffington Post, "What's really important is if there is a disconnect between what you think you're putting out into the world and what the world is actually getting from you, because that's going to get in the way of what you want." Preach, Stacy!

So in honor of her new show, which premieres Friday, Jan. 23 at 9 p.m. on TLC, let's remember some of her best makeover advice (and best facial expressions — since she is the queen of them) alongside her comrade Clinton Kelly on What Not to Wear.

Have No Excuses

Something I admire about Stacy is that she shows her authority and isn't afraid to state her opinion. When Sarah, who is a cancer survivor, came on the show, Stacy was sympathetic and caring toward her health issues, but still encouraged Sarah find a way to proudly show her body.

Find Happy Mediums

Although I wish vintage-fashion addict Renee had kept more of the vintage look for her final reveal, Stacy's advice telling her to not go too mainstream, or else she'd be invisible, was solid.

Create Striking Visuals

Stacy is nothing without her sass and she called out this family therapist perfectly when she said, "...honestly, when you think that this belt is cute, we have a serious problem." She taught Wanda the importance of mixing subtle and bold prints, which led to an amazing transformation.

Match Your Style To Your Personality

My mom has some Stacy London in her and used to call me out for my nerdy T-shirts (I had three different Harry and the Potters T-shirts at one point in time). A valuable lesson I learned from Stacy (and my mom) was just because you like something, doesn't mean it needs to define your wardrobe.

Your Style Can Evolve While Staying True To You

Another essential part of Stacy is that she knows how to tell people off. Once a person annoyed Stacy on What Not To Wear, she felt the wrath of Stacy. She told this mom, "You can still be fun, awesome Angie with a hot body — and be a grown-up." Stacy helped her bring her style up to date, while maintaining the sense of fun found in her previous wardrobe.

Love How You Look In Your Clothes

Stacy taught me that I should enjoy every article of clothing that I own, like when she told this soon-to-be lawyer, "We want you to feel good in everything that you wear." This is honestly the mantra we all need to be saying when we choose clothing.

Be Confident!

Pastry chef Aleishe had low self-esteem, which Stacy had no tolerance for. She told her, "You could have sat in the middle of the country and taken the easy way out. Instead, you go to the top cooking school, move to Manhattan — and you're dressing like you don't belong here, when you've earned your right to be here!" Yes, dammit!

Would it be too much to ask for Stacy London to hang out in my bedroom every morning while I'm getting dressed to give me pep talks? Well, until that day comes, I'll just continue to watch her give amazing fashion advice — this time on Love, Lust or Run.

Images: TLC; Giphy