This Airport Proposal Will Make Your Heart Melt

If you're a total sucker for super cute proposals and, like me, have lost unreasonable amounts of time to "soldiers returning from war" videos on YouTube (sometimes you just want to watch three hours of soldiers happily reuniting with their families, is that such a crime??), you're going to lose your mind when you watch this video of an airport proposal by returning soldier Aaron Vergara. After flying home from being stationed in Hawaii for eight months, the airman enlisted a few passengers to help him propose to his ridiculously good-looking girlfriend, Cosmopolitan reports. As they exited the plane, each helpful passenger handed the surprised girlfriend a beautiful rose, one for each month that Vergara was away. The eighth rose went to Vergara himself, who promptly got down on one knee. "I've traveled halfway around the world and haven't found a girl like you," he said, forcing everyone in the vicinity to pretend they had something in their eye. Then he had to follow it up with, "I can't live without you," and all hope of maintaining dignity was lost. I'm not crying, you're crying! Seriously though, we're all crying at this point in the video. His girlfriend said yes, as if anyone could ever turn down a proposal like that, and some of the helpful passengers turn up again to congratulate the couple. The woman in the black dress has the reaction I'm pretty sure most of us would have in that situation, which is to say she sounds like she's going to explode from all the cuteness. If you have a box of tissues handy, check out the video below:

SO. MANY. FEELS. I'm off to disappear in the abyss of adorable wedding proposal videos now. See you in a week.

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Image: gif-jif/Tumblr