Lea Michele Gave Us A Hair Fake Out

Lea Michele is used to standing ovations thanks to her powerhouse pipes made famous on Glee. But today, it's not Rachel Barry's solos that are getting the rave reviews — it's Michele's brand new short hair! That is, it would be getting rave reviews if it happened to be real.

Yesterday, when the actress tweeted a pic of her and her Glee castmate Becca Tobin, everyone flipped for the short and, yes, flippy bob Lea was rocking. It seemed to fit right in with the lob craze that has been sweeping the celeb world as of late. But, it turns out that singing isn't Lea's only major talent — she's a pretty great prankster, too!

After the perpetual freak out over Michele chopping off her long, chocolate brown mane, she posted another pic showcasing her her flowing locks still intact! and the caption "Breaking News! She really didn't cut her hair folks!" You got us, Lea!

The actress has undergone something of a hair evolution throughout her years at McKinley High, from her straight and preppy wholesome look in the first season, to her big bang fringe, to sexy tousled locks. She's no stranger to switching it up a bit, so there's no reason why we shouldn't have believed that this was her biggest change yet!

It's too bad, too, because that shorter 'do really works on her.

Images: Getty Images, msleamichele/Twitter