Stallone Took an Epic "Rocky" Selfie With Fans

Who doesn't dream of running into a celebrity and taking a selfie with them? Well, that's what happened to three lucky fans who took a selfie with Sylvester Stallone on the Rocky steps. Friends Peter Rowe, Jacob Kerstan, and Andrew Wright ran to the top of the famous steps from Rocky at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (because that's what everybody does when they visit Philly), and they ran into a familiar face after making it to the top. That's right, Rocky Balboa, aka Stallone, was there filming the seventh Rocky movie.

As soon as the guys made it to the top, they heard a voice saying,

You guys got up here pretty fast. You're making me look bad.

They turned around and it was Stallone, himself. His publicist, Michelle Bega, spoke with the Philadelphia Inquirer about the photo, and confirmed that the selfie is real and Stallone was happy to take the photo:

Yes, it was very fun both for Mr. Stallone and the surprised visitors. When he visits the steps... he prefers not to make an event of it — just be with the fans in a genuine and happily surprising way.

I bet this made the guys' entire trip. Seriously, how epic is that? Also, if you want to make the story even better, why not read it again with the theme of Rocky playing? Let's be honest, that always makes everything better and will make you feel like a true champion, which is I'm sure is exactly how these three friends feel now.