We Didn't See This 'Arrow' Twist Coming

Stop everything you're doing right now because there's only one thing that matters: Oliver Queen is alive on Arrow ! That's right, folks — in the last few moments of Wednesday night's midseason premiere "Left Behind," the series gave fans the one answer they've all been looking for ever since Ra's al Ghul shoved that blade through our beloved vigilante's chiseled chest. And while I'm definitely surprised at how quickly this all came about (I thought the writers would make us suffer for much, much longer), I could not be more grateful that it has. So we can all rest easy now and take a collective sigh of relief.

But how exactly did this all come about? Well, it turns out that the hooded figure we saw approaching Oliver's body during those midseason promos was actually Maseo, Oliver's Hong Kong partner in crime. However, the more interesting part of this story is where he ends up taking his bow-weilding buddy. After what looked like a very treacherous walk through the woods, Maseo knocks on a door, requesting this person's help. And, as it turns out, the owner of that door is none other than Maseo's wife, Tatsu, who brings Oliver back from the dead.

Someone send me this girl's address because I'm sending her a huge container of Nutella (the highest form of gratitude, in my opinion). Seriously, though, anyone who brings Oliver Queen back to the land of the living is my new favorite person. As of now, it's unclear of how exactly she went about doing this, but really the most important takeaway is that it's been done. Oliver is back, though he may want to take a day or two to recuperate. (I'm sure dying can take a lot out of you.) But rest assured, he'll be back to fighting villains and climbing that salmon ladder in no time!

Images: Cate Camerson/The CW