Yes, That Was Drake You Heard On 'Empire'

OK guys, it's time to state the obvious. Fox's hit series Empire is amazing. From the original music, to the drama, to the top-notch actors like the scene-stealing Queen that is Taraji P. Henson (seriously, how great is she?), Empire might be the best new show on television. But one of the best aspects of the show is actually all thanks to one of the hottest music producers of the last several years. When Timbaland signed on to be Empire 's music producer, there was no doubt in my mind that not only would the series' original music be awesome, but Timbaland's connections with real-life, well established artists would obviously bring to the series a realistic environment and atmosphere. In the third episode that aired on Wednesday night, "The Devil Quotes Scripture," Lucious' new nightclub Leviticus played Drake's "0 to 100/The Catch Up," and my musical dreams were realized. What if Timbaland could actually help get real artists on the series to do cameos? What if his previous collaborations with Drake could convince the rapper to make an appearance?

Anything can happen when Timbaland's involved. And Drake is no stranger to doing television. As probably everyone knows by now, he began as an actor on the Canadian teen drama Degrassi. For people who say Drake hasn't acted in years, I present to you his cameo in the Anchorman sequel.

Empire has the added bonus of having high caliber talent involved with the series, from Lee Daniels and Danny Strong as creators, writers, and producers, to Timbaland, Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, and some fantastic directors for the series' episodes. Drake should really be approached to make an appearance on the series. Maybe Lucious tries to poach him for his record label. Maybe he becomes friends with Jamal and Cookie, and does a hook on one of his tracks that becomes Jamal's first big hit. As Jamal has already shown, he's ready to take Lucious' empire away from him and this would be a good start.

Plus if Drake made a cameo, maybe he could pave the way for other artists to appear. The series already has Courtney Love scheduled to recur in a few episodes and the legendary Gladys Knight appeared on the show on Wednesday night. Maybe Timbaland's pal Justin Timberlake could stop by? Maybe Kanye?

Nah, getting Kanye might be dreaming too big. Let's start on the others first and see what amazing things could happen from there.