Did Dandy Die on 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Finale? Yep & He Got What He Deserved At The Hands of The Ladies (& Jimmy)

Bette and Dot Tattler have turned into some wicked masterminds during the season finale of American Horror Story: Freak Show. Dandy and Bette got married (!! with stuffed animals in attendance!!), but it was all a ruse to to kill Dandy in the AHS finale. Hoorah! Go team freaks for finally putting an end to the reign of terror that was Dandy. (Although, I'll always love that psycho for his entertainment value).

At the beginning of the season finale of Freak Show, Dandy was opposed by some of the freaks (led by Paul and Amazon Eve) since he was now the new owner of the show. So, in Dandy fashion, he hunted them all down and shot them in their heads. The only good thing to come of this was that Jimmy and Desiree escaped the massacre — and of course, Dandy saved Bette and Dot since he loves (err, loved) Bette.

Bette got married to him and just as I was getting seriously scared for their wedding night (particularly for Dot who was trying to opt out), Desiree, Jimmy, Bette, and Dot took advantage of his defenses being down. They drugged his champagne and Desiree and Jimmy appeared (as maid and butler) in his mansion to exact their revenge.

Of course, a simple murder wouldn't do. According to Jimmy it had to be theatrical since they are show people (and his ma would have wanted it that way). Luckily, they didn't get too, too elaborate with the whole thing (I feared Dandy would escape). And they drowned him in a water torture cell (similar to what Houdini used) as they enjoyed the show. Dandy had gotten what he wanted — earning a spot on the freak show stage — but only in his death. (Slow clap time.)

Oh, farewell, dreamy (and horrifying) Dandy Mott. No murder of a person has ever been quite so earned, but I can't believe you're really gone. Oh well, I'm sure you'll continue to haunt my dreams for weeks to come.

Image: Michael Becker/FX