Meet The Guy Who Tried to Crowdfund His Love Life

Crowdfunding has yielded some marvelous gems in recent months; a floating pool in NYC's East River, digital companionship to replace your real friends, and some dumbass potato salad recipe all made the content cut in 2014. But because crowdfunding knows no limits, now a London-based hipster named Tom wants you to pay for his dates, because shouldn’t we all have an equal shot at love (and not have to pay)?

“I’ve had my fair share of dates and right swipes, and even hit the streets of London with a mistletoe attached to my head in an attempt to find a special someone,” writes Tom on his IndieGoGo campaign page. Alas, to no avail. “There have been some great people but I haven’t yet found my one true love, so my quest continues…”

Tom is a 26-year-old cocktail bartender, an “occasional writer” (his parenthetical), and a self-described “hopeless sarcastic romantic.” Tom wants to find his “lady/partner in crime/personal femme fatale to share all this,” and he would like to solicit your money to do it. Our Casanova’s theory is that it takes precisely 13 dates to find love (no word on whether the 13th date is with the same or numerous women), and this poor fella needed £1,300 to win the affections of his lucky wom[e]n. Bizarrely, the campaign lasted exactly 24 hours. And while he failed to meet his monetary goal, perhaps Tom managed to win some hearts. Alternatively, maybe not.

“If this doesn’t pan out,” wrote Alex Moore at Death and Taxes, “Tom may want to take a look at this other crowd-funding platform called WorkHarder. Maybe he’ll find some luck there.”

Check out Tom’s loveless IndieGoGo campaign video below. Here’s to hoping you find your lady, pal.

Image: Tom Packer/YouTube