Is This Mindy's Best 'Mindy Project' Outfit Ever?

Give me your ultra-stylish Olivia Popes and your Blair Waldorfs, and I'll raise you a Dr. Mindy Lahiri. She's one of the best dressed women on TV right now, IMHO. No one can beat her in the Olympics of Mixing Prints (nor the Olympics of Spangly Sparkles, for that matter), and she's simply up to her ears in personal style, thanks largely to ace costume designer Salvador Perez (who also designed the colorfully collegiate duds in Pitch Perfect 2 ). That said, she's just taken things to a new level — according to an Instagram post, Mindy Kaling rocked a fuchsia dress and coat on set. Could this be Dr. Lahiri's best outfit yet?

It's definitely a tough call — I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Perez's designs (I'm still not over the kelly green suit her character wore in "Annette Castellano is My Nemesis") — but I might have to agree with Ms. Kaling. After all, it is (according to her caption) "Gucci and Pucci and pink all over" — so what's not to like? Everything from the wildly-printed bright fuchsia sheath dress, to the even brighter coat, to the satin pumps, to the most amazing quilted Chanel bag is wildly on point — it's all very Princess Bubblegum, and I mean that in the best way possible. Let's take a look:

Basically perfection, right?

Images: Getty Images; mindykaling/Instagram