Beware The Rainbow-Colored Beard

The latest obsession with interesting facial hair has left me to wonder...are beards the new brows? Thick bushy eyebrows have been all the rage for awhile, but with the emergence of new cutting-edge facial hair trends, including the now-infamous beard Christmas ornaments, I have no doubt that this is definitely the Age of the Beard. It seems men have gotten bored with hanging baubles (and flowers) from their beards and are in dire need of a new quirky way to dress up their faces. It seems that rainbow-colored beards are now trending. And, well, why the hell not? Girls can't have all the fun.

Although this look is totally LOL-worthy, I must say it's also pretty damn cool. Some dudes are even dying their hair (the kind on top of their heads) in the same vibrant shade, resulting in an all around color commitment that seems totally artsy, if a little out there. While I can't imagine taking a guy with a neon pink beard seriously, if worn appropriately and on the right occasion (to Coachella, perhaps?) it can be kind of awesome.

So — what do you think of colorfully-bearded dudes? Gotta have it, or make it stop?

Image: royroysworld/Instagram