The Latest Celeb to Get a Lob Will Surprise You

This was one celebrity I never thought would jump on the short hair bandwagon. Selena Gomez got a haircut, but this wasn't just any old trim, this was a bonafide chop. And I don't think anyone saw it coming.

The 22-year-old singer has always been known for her long locks, so it was slightly surprising when Gomez posted an Instagram with a shorter haircut. The brunette shared the selfie on Thursday, showing off her shearling jacket, oversized sunnies, and one seriously cool, choppy lob. It's incredibly rock and roll, mussed and fussed just the right amount to be edgy and undone, without any loose waves that would border on bohemian. So that's clearly a nice change from most of the other lobs and bobs out there. I'm not totally sure whether Selena actually cut her hair, or if she just took out extensions, but either way, she looks amazing. New year, new boyfriend, new hair — she just might be taking some tips from her BFF Taylor Swift and reinventing her image, finally. Not that I didn't love her long, wavy hair, but this piecey cut is far more modern, and it's nice to see a different side of Selena. Now we just need some more pics, pronto.

Images: Getty Images; selenagomez/Instagram