Joelia's Reunion on 'Parenthood' Was Awkward

by Aly Semigran

Time is of the essence on Parenthood. After all, Thursday night's new episode "We Made It Through the Night" marked the penultimate episode of the series. That's right: there's only one more episode left of Parenthood . Once you compose yourselves at that very thought, you can at least go in to the series finale knowing this: Joel and Julia are back together for good and are trying their hardest to make this damn thing work. (By this damn thing I mean having a kid like Sydney who complains about the consistency of chocolate chip pancakes and calls her teachers "slave drivers." Okay, it's their marriage they are working on, but still, what a nightmare.)

Joel's happiness about moving back into his home was pretty short-lived as he came across Julia's sexy underthings that were definitely purchased while they were separated. Things only got more awkward from there when Chris called (which propelled them to have a fight in front of the kids) and then Julia let it spill that she slept with "people," not just a person during their break. You could see the light go right out of Joel's beautiful, sparkly eyes.

Later on, Julia suggested that she and Joel clear the air and talk about their "stuff" so that they can begin re-building their trust. Joel, on the other hand, was too scared to have a big talk. "I don't wanna bring that back in the house," he told his wife, to which she replied, "I'm too scared not to argue." They met somewhere in the middle, and fought in the car instead about her work and home life.

It's not the dreamy, romantic reunion like the one that Joelia had during last week's episode, but it was far more rooted in reality. Fine, but when do we get the coping tools of how to deal with the loss of a television show?

Images: Colleen Hayes/NBC