Joel and Julia Are Back Together on 'Parenthood' and Sealed It With a Kiss

Joelia fans can rest easy tonight: the estranged couple finally got back together (presumably for good) during Thursday night's brand new episode of Parenthood titled "Let's Go Home." After their hook-up two weeks ago and their emotional bond in the hospital during last week's episode, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before Joel and Julia—signed divorced papers and all—decided to give their marriage a second chance.

I'd like to think that that delightfully, hilariously framed picture that Julia was inexplicably storing away in a drawer (but it's so good!) is what tipped the scales for her to get back with Joel, but some other things lead to their reunion. Joel went over to talk to Julia about the state of their relationship, but they didn't get much talking, if you catch my drift. (They did it. That's what they did instead of talk.)

The next morning they saw that harsh light of day as Sydney being Sydney almost blew the lid on the whole thing, barging into their bedroom while her parents were still trying to define the terms of their very complicated relationship. Later that day, the couple met at a coffee shop to actually talk instead of do it, and Joel promised that he was in all in for their relationship no matter what. Julia, however, still worried that she could unravel again someday and couldn't promise that it won't happen.

Still, not even the possibility of an unraveled Julia (or, as Joel adorably put it, "a hot mess") could stop him from getting his wife and family back. When Julia later called Joel from an ice skating rink, where Syndey was OF COURSE being bossy, Joel still decided to show up and surprise them. Joel skated up to Julia, with indie music swelling in the back, reached his hand out, and kissed his wife. It's pretty safe to say that Joelia has, at long last, had their happy ending.

Image: Byron Cohen/NBC