Andy Mientus Will Bring Life To A 'Flash' Villain

As exciting as last Tuesday's The Flash was, thanks to Captain Cold and Heat Wave, we have another thrilling upcoming episode, which shouldn't come as a surprise seeing how fantastic this show has been since the very beginning. This time, The Flash will focus on Pied Piper, aka Hartley Rathaway. He's one of very few openly gay DC Comics villains, and previews make it appear that The Flash will be incorporating that into his character, bringing much needed LGBT representation to comic adaptations. Actor Andy Mientus will play Hartley on The Flash , and I can't wait to see what he does with the villain.

In the episode, titled "The Sound and the Fury," we'll see Hartley return as Dr. Wells' former protégé to get revenge on his mentor, after the particle accelerator took away his hearing. As a result, he creates sonic weapons that he hopes will destroy Wells' new protégé, Barry Allen, or as we know him, The Flash. Luckily, we'll get to see Hartley appear in Episodes 11 and 12. Of course, there's always a chance we'll see him pop up again, depending on his fate in these two episodes.

As you may be able to tell from just the promo below, Mientus is no stranger to the small screen, which his fans are well aware of. Similar to his Flash role (even though he's playing a villain), with each of his TV projects Mientus has brought something memorable to his characters, because his characters are inspirational, to say the least.

From playing a gay comic book character to a cancer patient to a musical playwright, Mientus has taken on a variety of noteworthy roles. Now, let's to get to know the talented actor.

He Stood Out On Smash

Smash fans probably recognize Mientus as Kyle Bishop, the young playwright on the short-lived NBC series. This was his first major TV role, and with it he brought to life a story based on a real-life Broadway tragedy. Overall, the story and his character hit close to home for many.

Made Viewers Cry On Chasing Life

On ABC Family's Chasing Life, Mientus played Jackson, a fellow cancer patient April meets during her own cancer battle. His most memorable episode is no doubt when he held his own funeral, so he could experience it. As you can imagine, it was definitely a moving episode.

And Is A Musical Sensation

In addition to TV, Mientus is also trained for the stage, Broadway, specifically. From Spring Awakening to Les Miserables, Mientus can't help but lend his voice to storytelling, and fans thank him for it.

I'm pretty sure Mientus won't be singing on The Flash, but that doesn't matter, because he's still bound to give a great performance as Pied Piper.

Images: Katie Yu/The CW; yolandawinsston/Tumblr