Sophia Could Be Bad News On 'Eye Candy'

MTV has got me again. It's already given me a trust complex with the shadier-than-shady characters on Finding Carter, and now, on its latest scripted drama Eye Candy, just about everyone is a suspect. And we're not just talking kidnapping here — Eye Candy is about one hacker's quest to find the cyberstalker who murdered her boyfriend and a whole bunch of women around New York City. The series' killer is obsessed with hacker Lindy, which is making fans speculate where we've already met the Eye Candy killer, who is terrorizing the city in Lindy's name. My theory? We totally have — because Lindy's best friend Sophia is the killer.

If your eyes just rolled into the back of your head, hear me out. Sophia may be slated as Lindy's confidant, but there are certain odd things I've picked up on that suggest she might not be quite as innocent as she appears. Here's why I think Sophia should be on the top of our suspect list — for now, anyway.

She Loves Lindy

Yeah, yeah, I know — it's pretty obvious, right? They're best friends and roommates — why wouldn't Sophia adore Lindy? I don't think I would have found that weird at all if not for one very specific conversation from the second episode. Sophia starts talking about how she met Lindy — essentially, she saw her from across the room, went over to meet her, and decided instantly that she wanted to be her friend. It wasn't long after that Sophia moved virtual stranger Lindy into her Brooklyn apartment, where it's hinted that she doesn't pay much rent, if any at all. Sure, it could have been an act of kindness — or it could be a way for Sophia to keep an eye on Lindy at all times.

The Faked Video

In the pilot, Lindy receives a video from the killer of what appears to be him in the apartment with Sophia. Lindy calls Ben to go and save Sophia, and he goes to the apartment. But when Lindy calls Sophia, Sophia's at the club — the video was a fake. Who would be better to set up cameras in the apartment than Sophia herself?

She Hated Ben

The killer tells the audience that he "had to kill Ben" and that we would understand someday. Guess who isn't Ben's number one fan? Sophia.

She Works In The Nightclub

Could mean nothing, but it does appear to be the killer's hunting ground, right? Sophia also helped Lindy pick the guys at the club to hook up with and seems particularly interested in what she does with them. Is it just friendly concern, or could it be hiding a more sinister motivation?

She Has Serious Bank

People underestimate the costs of being a serial killer. It takes a lot of money to coverup crimes, hack into your target's computer, and generally move stealthily around a city. Then there's the fact that whoever this killer is, they most likely aren't working alone. Sophia has buckets of money — more than enough to hire someone to help her stalk her BFF.

Images: MTV; eyecandy-mtv/Tumblr