Gia Says Her Mom Is Doing "Amazing"

Even if you agree with Teresa Giudice's sentencing and the fact that she and her husband Joe broke the law, that doesn't mean we should forget that they have four daughters who are also suffering during this time. They are little girls ranging from the ages of 5 to 14, who probably don't really get why their family is being pulled apart or why they are the focus of the media. So the fact that eldest daughter Gia Giudice is being extremely brave and finding her own way is pretty impressive.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Gia opened up about her mom and how Teresa's doing now that she is in prison. She said,

We can talk to her daily and we have access to emailing her whenever we want. It definitely helps with coping [and] with missing her. She always just said to me, "Stay strong for mommy," like, "You'll see me soon."

It seems Gia is doing fine and coping with her mom being away, but how are her younger sisters, who I'm sure don't fully understand what is happening or why their mom will be away for the next 15 months? Gia said,

She's [Teresa] doing amazing. I knew it was coming and I mean, like, my sisters are OK. They like obviously miss her dearly, but they're doing OK.

With Teresa gone, Gia can keep busy with her music and that rumored reality show, which some might not see as the best idea, especially at this time. However, I hope Gia and her sisters are getting all the love and attention they need, because their parents going to jail can't be easy. With that said, Gia did say her dad has been "amazing" and their "rock" since Teresa's been gone.