Will We See J. Law At The SAG Awards?

On Sunday, Jan. 25 the 2015 SAG Awards will finally air, meaning we get to see some of our favorite stars honor one another. So, wait, does this mean we'll also get to see Jennifer Lawrence at the SAG Awards? Well, things aren't looking good. Not only has she not been mentioned as a presenter, but I have yet to read any word on whether she'll just be attending. If that isn't sad enough, she doesn't have any connections to any of movies or TV shows nominated.

Either way, I think it's safe to say most of us want to see her at the awards show. Not only does Lawrence bring all kinds of humor to these events, but her flawless and charming nature is something I, for one, can't get enough of. So, what if she doesn't attend? Well, that means we are going to miss out on Lawrence's awards show antics, including her famous trips, facial expressions, jokes, and her all-around fun aura.

Well, if that is indeed the case, then let's list off a few things we'll miss from Lawrence in hopes the SAG Awards will invite her or she'll decide to attend. Let's face it, the SAGs might turn out to be a bit more boring without her, but maybe Benedict Cumberbatch will make up for it?

Her Shouting At Meryl Streep

You know you want to holler at Meryl, too.

Her Tripping, Obviously

I know it's not really funny to laugh at someone tripping, but, hey, we all do it. Plus, Jennifer does it in a way that makes it OK to laugh.

Her Facial Expressions

Priceless, J. Law.

Her Saying What Everyone Else Is Thinking

Don't we always think this?

Her Red Carpet Interviews

Enough said.

Showing Off What's In Her Purse

We see it, J. Law. We see it.

Her Acceptance Speeches

Don't we all.

Lastly, This

Because she'd totally volunteer to accept someone's award, right?

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