The Secret History Of Condoms

Valentine's Day might not be your favorite time of the year, but February 14th also happens to be National Condom Day, which is definitely a holiday worth celebrating. You know the drill — on top of preventing unwanted pregnancies, condoms can literally save your life by stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS and a host of STI's you most definitely do not want. That may be old news, but I'll never get tired of saying it. Something you probably didn't know, however, is that men in ancient Rome used hand-sewn pieces of linen to keep their junk safe. Those Roman orgies probably got a little cray, and they did not want to end up impregnating their best friend's wives or anything. But that's another story...

In honor of this upcoming holiday, LifeStyles condoms gathered together some little-known facts about rubbers to help you make the most out of your safe sex experience. From the different materials our forefathers crafted them out of to the packaging design of the 1890s, this is the stuff that sex historian's dreams are made of. So when V-Day rolls around and you're not sure what to give that special someone you love (and I mean friends and lovers), try passing along a condom — it'll go down a lot better than a saccharine Whitman sampler and bodega flowers.

Images: LifeStyles