A Good Marriage Could Make You Better at Your Job

Because “studies” can prove literally anything with the proper approach, the Scientific American reports that your success at work is affected by your spouse’s personality. Yes, you read that correctly. Brittany Solomon and Joshua Jackson at Washington University discovered by some extraordinary reach that you perform better at your given profession when your partner is conscientious. What’s that you say? You’re perfectly capable of performing well at your job without attaching success to your domestic companion? Look, I’m just here to report the “facts,” pal.

According to the “study,” Solomon and Jackson monitored 4,544 heterosexual marriages who were were asked to complete a personality test that measured “extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness,” says the Scientific American. Additionally, over a five-year span the researchers tracked the professional successes of both partners. That information was then weighed against each marriage’s report of “division of household chores, lifestyle decisions, and marital satisfaction.” Basically, they found that conscientious partners are more “dependable and organized,” reliable, and shared equally in the partnerships, which allowed for more time to focus on work. Or something. “Less laundry, fewer errands, and reduced responsibility around the house can translate into better pay, greater advancement, and increased job satisfaction,” reports the Scientific American.

Here’s what this boils down to: share responsibilites in your relationship, and you’ll have more time. More time to do things like be good at your job because you aren’t tasked with babysitting another adult. Success is sweet.

Image: SolisImages/Fotolia